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After years of serving in the community, we've discovered that there are plenty of resources available for youth but in many instances, youth and parents are just not aware. That is where we come in.  As a "Connector Organization," we connect youth with the resources they need and organizations with the youth they are equipped to serve. 

What we do

I've always wanted to be apart of helping in our community to do something positive, to give back and ROTO allows me to do that. ROTO leaders are inviting so working with everyone has been a dream come true.

Brenda Bates, Volunteer


I never thought someone that I just met, would care this much. I find that really awesome.

Youth, Youth Summit 04-16-2016

There are resources available.  We're just helping the youth find them. 


Rodney Smith, Founder


Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow Summits

At our annual "Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow" Summit we bring together approximately 200 youth and invite businesses and organizations from all over the community to attend. At this event, we focus on empowering youth and connecting them with the peers, mentors, and resources they need to succeed. ​

How we connect with youth...

Email, Social Media, Telephone & Community Events

In addition to our annual summits, we engage with youth throughout the year through various channels and connect them with resources ranging from tutoring to job placement and everything in between.

We track the progress of each youth that we connect via our "connector program" for one year.

... and we're seeing results



Youth reached at our Summits



Youth connected with mentors



Volunteers that have made a difference

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