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Board of Directors

CJ Smith, MPA

President of the Board

Rodney Smith

Vice President of the Board

Damion Anglin

Treasurer of the Board

Rama Harvey

Secretary of the Board

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Brian Trotier, J.D.

Board Member

Douglas A. Oden, Esq.

Board Member

Adolfo Gonzales

Board Member

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Judith Bambace

Board Member

Shamone Smith

Board Member

Nicole Adams

Board Member

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Reach One Teach One (ROTO) is a non-profit, community-based organization that has been dedicated to reducing gang and community violence, fostering unity, and improving the quality of communities in San Diego since 2005. 

About Us

Our Mission

It is Reach One Teach One's mission to reduce violence, promote unity, and improve the quality of life in our communities; to encourage education and assist in creating economic opportunities for youth and young adults.

Making a difference, one youth at a time...

“I was the kid that no one believed in and that couldn’t stay out of trouble. I didn’t have a mentor. I didn’t have someone to guide me and show me the right way. I didn’t have an organization like ROTO. I was just like the young men we see and work with today. So that is why it is so important for ROTO to exist and to continue to provide these young men and women with the resources and tools they need to succeed. From job opportunities, to mentors, to tutors, to leadership skills – our goal is to empower them to be leaders.”

– R. Smith, Founder